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PCB Products

VPC services Companies, Individuals and Institutions that make "one-of-a-kind" or "short run" Printed Circuit Boards. Our full product line offering includes:

  • PCB Prototyping Systems
  • UV Exposure Units
  • PCB Processing Equipment   
  • PCB Chemicals and Laminates
  • Through Hole Plating   
  • CNC Production Systems  
  • CAD Software   
  • Shears & Cutters   
  • And other Accessories & Tools

Since our product line is broad and deep, you may need to order by phone, fax or mail. When you are ready to choose products and would like pricing, we will quote you via email or fax.

Brush Cleaning Machines CNC Systems UV Exposure Units Spray Etching Machines Processing Tanks (Bench Top) Dry Film Laminators Dip Coating Machines Drilling Systems Favorit Through Hole Rivets PCB Labstation PCB Laminates Plotting Systems Production Lines Shears Through Hole Plating Lines Tinning and Drying Stainless Steel Sealing Tanks Resist Coated Brass Conveyorized Spray Processing Machines PCB Chemicals Light Boxes

You can always call us at 1-800-447-1944 (Canada and US) and we will actually talk with you and send a catalog via US mail if you wish.

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