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Resist Coated Brass

Metal Etching Brass Sheet coated in a positive working photo-resist. Ideal for Sign production, Jewellery, Chemical Milling, Metal Stencils and Model making.

The sheets are available in 0.3mm thick and have our "Microtrak” PCB photo-resist applied to both sides. This allows double sided etching for component manufacturing where the sheet needs to be etched right through. For Sign and panel making the sheet can be surface etched and filled with colour. This can then be applied to a backing for a rigid panel. VPC's normal Microtrak PCB processing chemistry and equipment can be used to etch this material but for best results consider a Spray Processor such as our Rota-Spray


 Order Code   Description Price QTY
400-612 BRASS, D/S RESIST COATED 250MMX250MM 0.3MM 1 SHT $34.95
400-611 BRASS, D/S RESIST COATED 250MMX500MM 0.3MM 1 SHT $54.95
400-610 BRASS, D/S RESIST COATED 500MMX1000MM 0.3MM 1 SHT $199.95

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