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Vacuum UV Units

For the ultimate in reproduction definition, a vacuum unit has to be the choice. Unlike the pressure pad units the AY series use a vacuum to ensure the artwork and material to be exposed are held in perfect contact. When fine tracks are required on a PCB or detailed definition on a graphic reproduction, an AY vacuum unit should be chosen. All the AY units now feature the latest rubber blanket and glass vacuum system for the ultimate exposure resolution. A 0-500 seconds is fitted to give the operator greater flexibility the vacuum pump activation and bleed is controlled by separate switches independent of the timer. A vacuum gauge is also fitted in the machine enabling the operator to check the level of vacuum before activating the UV tubes. All units come complete with an IEC socket and moulded 13 amp plug.

Model Working Area* Timer  UV Output Dimensions Weight
AY315  13" x 14" 330 x 355mm 0 - 500 Seconds 6 x 15W 550 x 485 x 170mm 16.0 kg
AY321 13.8" x 21" 350 x 535mm 0 - 500 Seconds 6 x 20W
(3.5-4.5 mW/cm²)
720 x 580 x 170mm 22.0 kg
AY360 22.6" x 26.8" 575 x 680mm 0 - 500 Seconds 10 x 20W
(3.5-4.5 mW/cm²)
765 x 730 x 178mm 34.0 kg
†AY380 20.4" x 36.5" 520 x 927mm 0 - 500 Seconds 12 x 20W 890 x 1031 x 215mm 84.0 kg

 * vacuum pip is 25mm diagonally in from top left corner of the exposure area.
† AY380 uses ‘mylar’ to create a vacuum - not rubber and glass.


 Order Code   Description Price QTY
300-175 AY315 Steel vacuum UV unit with glass, now with vacuum gauge - 115v, 60 Hz $2,195.00
300-195 AY321 Steel vacuum UV unit with glass -115v, 60 Hz $2,395.00
300-225 AY360 Steel vacuum UV unit with glass -115v, 60 Hz $2,795.00
300-046 AY380 Vacuum UV unit - 230v, 50Hz only $4,995.00

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