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Single-Sided Fotoboard (2) Pre-sensitised 'FR4

The first choice for the production of quality printed circuit boards. Fotoboard is a positive working, Photoresist coated, glass fibre printed circuit laminate to BS4584 and MILSPEC MIL-P-13949GE GRN. The resist is applied 5 microns thick using a specially developed roller coating process which ensures a particularly even layer. The resist is high temperature cured which, combined with its tough plastic film laminate covering, results in a durable board which can be handled, guillotined and processed with a high degree of safety. Inspection at the development stage is simplified by use of a green dye in the Photoresist. Fotoboard is 1/16" thick, 1 oz copper. It has a minimum shelf life of one year and is available as both single and double sided. 2 oz and other thickness' are available on request.

Top Layer - low-tack black plastic film
Photosensitive coating
Electrodeposited Copper
Bottom Layer - Epoxy Resin impregnated glass fibre matt


 Order Code   Description Price QTY
400-002-1 FT704S 4"x6" Fotoboard (1 sht) $6.95
400-007-1 FT710S 6"x12" Fotoboard (1 sht) $19.95
400-009-1 FT715S 9"x12" Fotoboard (1 sht) $28.95
400-010-1 FT716S 10"x12" Fotoboard (1 sht) $36.95
400-011-1 FT717S 12"x12" Fotobaord (1 sht) $37.95
400-012-1 FT718S 12"x18" Fotoboard (1 sht) $49.95
400-013-1 FT719S 12"x24" Fotoboard (1sht) $69.95

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