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Roller Tinning Machine

Bench mounting roller tinning machine with 12" roller width. The solder tank is constructed from high grade stainless steel, suspended from a linkage mechanism. This allows it to be lowered easily fromthe coating roller for access and general maintenance.

The two 1200 watt heaters ensure a fast heat up time, while the electronic temperature control system ensures that operating temperatures are accurately maintained. The top pressure roller can be raised and lowered by a single lever eccentric mechanism which enables it to be returned to the pre-set position without the need for resetting. Additional features include digital temperature display, thumb wheel temperature setting and motor/ temperature interlock to prevent the motor being switched on while the solder is solid. The machines are fitted with stainless steel covers which provide complete protection for the operator but allow quick and easy access to the tank for replenishing salts and solder.


Max board width 305mm (12") 
Max board thickness 12mm 
Solder bath capacity 12kg 
Heat up time (ambient to 240°C) 20 mins (approx) 
temperature control +/- 2°C 
Throughput speed 0-10 metres/min
Electrics 220-240V, 50Hz 1ph 
Dimensions (mm) 850L x 330D x 490H



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