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Pressure Line UV Exposure Unit PLUVEX 1410 

The new Pluvex 1410 UV is a high quality pressure contact UV exposure unit featuring UV tubes inthe lid to aid artwork registration. To preform an exposure the artwork and UV sensitive material being exposed are placed on the precision exposure foam pressure pad. The separate hinged frame containing 4mm glass is then lowered onto this foam pad. It hinges from the rear of the unit and induces a progressive contact line across the face of the foam pad aiding the expulsion of air between the artwork and UV sensitive material. The fram is secured with teh two front mounting catches to achieve the necessary pressure  for the required artwork contact. When the frame is secured the final position and registration of the artwork is checked before lowering the exposure ead and commencing the exposure. Exposure is controlled by a 0-500 second digital 

timer that is set via touch keys. The set time counts down during exposure and flashes to indicate the exposure is complete. The tubes in the exposure head are screened with a special membrane which protects the operative from the potential hazards of live electical parts. The foam exposure pad sits in a tray and can be easily removed for cleaning or quick installation of exposure trays for non-contact curing. The Pluvex is supplied with an IEC socket and moulded 13 amp socket.


Model Foam Pad Exposure Area Timer UV Output Dimensions Weight
PLUVEX 1410 355 × 254mm, 14” × 10” 0 – 500 secs 4 ×15W 
(4-5-5.5 mW/cm²)
500 ×440 ×150mm 11.5 KG


 Order Code   Description Price QTY
300-255 PLUVEX 1410 - 115v, 60 Hz $990.00

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