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PA104 12 Inch x 18 Inch Bubble Etch Tank

Similar to the 10” x 12” model but with a deeper tank to enable 12” x 18” boards to be processed. Just like the smaller tank it includes a heater and thermostat sensor as described above and has a pump fitted which forces air through two bubble bars to provide efficient and even etching. Illuminated switches control mains power and the pump whilst a neon indicates heater operation. The switches and neon have splash proof covers. The temperature is set by adjusting the variable thermostat control knob, (Optimum temperature for Ferric Chloride 40 - 45 °C). The tank is supplied with a syphon, IEC socket and 2 metres mains lead with moulded 13amp plug. Width 288mm, Depth 495mm, Height 650mm. The footprint is 288 x 495mm but with the ‘over-hang’ the length is 615mm.

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