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FP 25000 Plotter

The FP 25000 is the replacement to the popular FP8000 plotter.

It is a latest bitmap Photoplotter for in-house production of high quality artwork films. It offers the ability to produce perfect blacks and precision edge definition in your films.

FP25000 Plotter

Compared to the old FP 8000 the main improvements are:

  • higher resolution, up to 16 256 x 25 400 dpi
  • No PC necessary. Files can be transferred via a USB stick cable.
  • All new electronics with touch display with intuitive user interface
  • Software update: customized Windows optics, Windows routine for opening and saving of files. Higher resolutions in Gerber2bitmap, various calibration programs in Run_Photo_USB
  • 3 different plot speeds for either high precision or less time consumption


  • The film is fixed on a rotating drum. A highly focused red light laser diode is moving step-wise alongside that drum, driven by a precise stepper motor with worm and gear drive. Of course, all settings are software adjustable, calibrated and controlled.
  • Data are either transferred via USB cable from your computer to the plotter or you directly read them in from any USB stick. Software is part of delivery. It allows 'step and repeats' of layout and drill data, rework of aperture tables and contains functions like negative plot, mirroring, preview and drill data export.
  • Interactive, absolute or relative positioning of the layouts on the film.
  • Preview and rework of various aperture tables of different layout systems.

Technical Data:

Maximum plot size 360 x 360 mm
Maximum film format   390x 380 mm (L x B)
Speed 7 mm of film width / min. at 2032 dpi
Light source laser-diode 670 nm (red)
Data formats Gerber, Extended Gerber, Hi-Res BMP
Extent of delivery Photoplotter and Software on CD
System requirements
Windows XP - Windows 8 64-bit
Dimensions 710 x 340 x 200 mm (L x B x H)
Weight 25 kg
Power supply External power supply Input 100V-240V / 47–63 Hz; Output 36V- DC
Technical resolution  
  Resolution X : 1625,2032,3251,4064,6502,8128,16256
  Resolution Y : 25 400dpi

Graphical Resolution:

  1. Finest point/ Finest line = 5 µm (0.005 mm/0.19685 mil).
  2. Finest space between 2 lines = 10 µm (0.01 mm/0.3937 mil)
  3. Finest space between 2 areas = 18 µm (0.018 mm/0.70866 mil)
  4. Finest inverse spot dia (transparent point in black area) = 25 µm (0.025 mm/0.98425 mil)

Please Note: The machine must be used in a dark room as the film needs to be loaded, unloaded and chemically processed with the developer and fixer in complete darkness. The only light we recommend is from a fitted Green Safe light fluorescent tube.


Photoplotter Film Processing Unit

Once plotted the film can be processed in trays but Photoplotter Film Processing Unit offers a much more efficient option.

One tank each for Developing, Fixing and Rinsing.

To be inserted into a table, with surrounding

40 mm wide flange or has feet for floor standing.

Two covers for chemistry and 3 ball valves for emptying.

Inner dim. per tank: 40 x 45 x 5 cm
Total dim. 55 x 45 x 26 cm approx.

 Order Code   Description Price QTY
45-3807 12" x 16" Processing dish (tray) $39.95
57-61717s K Series Photoplot Film 12 x 18" 100 Sheet Pack (6 Pack Min Order) $579.95
57-61717 K Series Photoplot Film 22 x 28" 50 Sheet Pack $579.95
57-61718 K Series Photoplot Developer 5L Makes 15LTRS Pricing is for 1 case of 2 bottles $169.95
57-61719 K Series Photoplot Fixer 5L Makes 20 LTRS Pricing is for 1 case of 2 bottles $169.95
57-61608 Photoplotter Film Processing Unit (3 tanks) $684.95
57-61607 Photoplotter FP25000 $10,649.95

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