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Jet 34d- Rotary Etching Machine

The Jet 34d is a low cost rotary etching machine ideally suited to the manfacture of prototype and small batch quantities of PCBs. As well as etching the unit can also be used for spray developing and spray resist stripping. The machine is of a sturdy PVC construction and is mounted on a stand which places the machine at a convenient working height. Etching solution is contained in a tank at the base of the machine. It is heated by a powerful quartz heater which assures a short warm up time and constant temperature which is controlled electronically. Boards up to 300 x 400mm can be etched although several smaller boards can be placed in the special board carrier, the handle of which protrudes out of the machine eliminating operator contact with the etchant. The machine etches one side at a time and so for double sided PCBs the board holder is rotated 180ยบ before the second etching cycle. In front of the etching chamber is a built in overflow wash tank for the rinsing of the etched boards. The triangular form of the body of the machine makes it ideal to place in a corner of a room. The efficiency of this spray etcher has been proven by line resolution of better than 0.1mm and etching speed of only 90 seconds with fresh ferric chloride.
 Order Code   Description Price QTY
35-16046-2 Jet 34D Catch/Spill Tray $175.00
35-16046 JET 34d Spray Etching 220-240v 50Hz only $4,850.00

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