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Conveyorized Spray Processing Machines FAPC5000

The new FAPC Conveyorised Processing Modules are designed to work with the latest developing, etching and stripping chemistry for the manufacture of Printed Circuits, Metal Signs and Metal‘chemical milled’ components. The FAPC 5000 panels up to 500mm wide.

The machines are manufactured in our factory in Cambridge using the very latest CNC fabrication and plastic welding techniques. We have been selling conveyor units for over 20 years and that experience has been used to design and manufacture a machine with many unique features to provide a fast, efficient and accurate spray conveyor that is easy to install, maintain and use.

The units will accommodate panels 500mm wide through the process chamber before passing through a void chamber and water rinse section to completely clean the processed panel. A catch tray is included and the stand is an optional extra.

Description Chemical spray processor including mains water rinse
Process chamber
Water rinse chamber
Spray bars - top 4 process chamber, 1 rinse chamber
Spray bars - bottom 4 process chamber, 1 rinse chamber
Nozzle type Poly v-jet – ¼ turn removable
    FAPC 5000
Nozzles per tube   5 + 6 for Process, 6 for Rinse
Nozzles Precision mounted for perfect alignment.In adjustable, compact manifold systems.
Flow Control / Pressure control Adjustable over full range Top & Bottom
Flow Safety Closed Valve Protection System (Avoid overheating & bursting)
Re-circulating pump 0.55kW magnetic coupled drive, running in free flow Air system to avoid overheat
Process Chamber Safety Interlock Lid
Conveyor drive Worm and wheel
Pinch Rollers Precision finish, balanced, high grip for precision control and de-wetting.
Self Adjusting Liquid Baffles Controls Liquids on process and rinse, loading and Exit ports.Avoids chemical loss and ‘after wetting’.
Conveyor Speed Control High Torque. AC Drive Motor system driven by a precision Inverter with digital read-outs, for precise operator reference
Speed range 45mm – 1.6 metres / minute
Temperature range Ambient to 50°C ± 1°C
Temperature Controller Digital
Cooling Available as Factory built optional extra (not usually required)
    FAPC 5000
Sump capacity : Maximum
  50 litres
36 litres
Liquid low level sensors For Heater and Pump
Over Temp Protection Manual reset
Construction materials P.V.C. EPDM, Quartz Glass
Filter Systems Cross Flow Sediment Baffle System.
Line Strainer Filtration System and Mesh Screen Filtration System.
Voltage 220/240v 50Hz (13A Plug)
    FAPC 5000
Dimensions : Height
Mounting Frame (Optional extra)
Exit Catch Tray Standard
Lifting Facilities 4 Easy-to-lift Points on Corners
Negative Pressure Port Standard to stop the escape of any airborne chemistry
Negative Pressure Kit Optional Extra


 Order Code   Description Price QTY
500-505 FAPC5000 Process Conveyor $14,995.00
500-505-2 Stand for FAPC5000 Process Conveyor $899.95
500-505-8 Spillage Tray for FAPC5000 Process Conveyor $399.95
500-505-6 Load Tray for FAPC5000 Process Conveyor $595.00

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