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AZ Double Sided Vacuum UV Units

A double sided vacuum UV is an essential tool for the production of double sided PCBs. The ability to expose both sides of the board at once eliminates the immense problem of artwork registration for two separate exposures on a single sided unit. The AZ units are similar to the AY range exceptthat they have flexible mylar film in front of the tubes in the lid which closes onto a glass base beneath which is located another set of UV tubes. The units feature a switch to enable the bottom set of tubes to be turned off for single sided exposures. All three units are supplied complete with an IEC socket and moulded 13 amp plug.

Model Working Area* Timer UV Output Dimensions Weight
AZ210 10.2" x 14" 260 x 355mm 0 - 500 Seconds 8 x 15W
(4-5 mW/cm²)
550 x 485 x 170mm 16.0 kg
AZ220 13.8" x 21" 350 x 535mm 0 - 500 Seconds 12 x 20W
(3.5-4.5 mW/cm²)
720 x 580 x 170mm 25.0 kg
AZ326 20.4" x 36.5" 520 x 927mm 0 - 500 Seconds 24 x 20W 890 x 1031 x 215mm 90.0 kg

* vacuum pip is 25mm diagonally in from top left corner of the exposure area.


 Order Code   Description Price QTY
300-185 AZ210 D/S UV exp unit - 115v, 60 Hz $2,295.00
300-210 AZ220 D/S UV exp unit - 115v 60 Hz $2,995.00
300-045 AZ326 D/S UV exp unit - 230v, 50 Hz only $5,495.00

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